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DFU Mode with L152 / L082

I am developing a project for the L082 (as we have stock of these) but am currently using the L152 discovery board to get things started. This is going well but I thought that I would try the DFU mode to allow easier field software updates. I tried...

GSewe by Associate II
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Needing help customizing the USB setup on STM32H750 to connect as a "Generic Bulk Device" under the "Universal Serial Bus devices" in the Device Manager.

Switched from another processor to the STM32H750 on updated boards, and trying to keep the PC communication the same so it is seamless (or as seamless as can be) for the user experience. Previous boards connected up to Windows as a Generic Bulk Devic...

JColl.6 by Associate II
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Access FDCAN Bootloader from Application

I am working on a STM32H725IGT microcontroller. I need to update the application code running on it over FDCAN, I have read through the AN5405 document, and set my application's FDCAN1 settings to be similar to those mentioned in AN5405. I need to sw...

VRana.1 by Associate
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Azure RTOS with NUCLEO-H745ZI-Q Board.

I am testing Azure RTOS with NUCLEO-H745ZI-Q Board.I made a simple project through CubeMX and then downloaded it.By the way, it doesn't go beyond MX_ThreadX_Init().It looks like an infinite wait on __tx_ts_wait .Are there any additional settings miss...

Btaek.1 by Associate
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