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How to solve errors from middleware.

Currently, I'm working on a project in which I have to send and receive data from AWS. In reference to your code, I'm trying to implement my project but, I'm getting errors in middleware like mbedtls_ssl_write returned -0x6d & mbedtls_ssl_write retur...

pragnesh by Associate III
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USB Device Mode Re - Enabling

Hello,We are Using the STM32L496AGI3 Controller.We are using the USB CDC Device only mode as Virtual Com Port for transferring the data serial.After our work is finished we are disabling the USB CDC using MX_USB_DEVICE_DeInit(); Function.But after th...

ORana.1 by Associate II
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STM32F072 CAN to USB HID Converter

Hi all!I am planning to make a USB to CAN converter or can sniffer and want to do it in most efficient way. First step can be just sniffer. So I want send all received packages from CAN(at max speed (500kbps %80 or %100 bus traffic) and send them via...


STM32H7 Ethernet DMA timeout error

Hi,We are using STM32H7 and ethernet connectivity in our project.We followed the instructions from the link "How-to-create-project-for-STM32H7-with-Ethernet-and-LwIP-stack-working".We are able to ping and communicate within the server(STM32) and clie...

PNaph.2 by Associate II
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