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HAL functions and RTOS

Hi, It's awesome to be able to use HAL and RTOS together, i made big applications fast thanks to these tools.The only disadvantage is that i'm not the architect anymore of my project. (for the HAL and RTOS part). I'm now at the point where i sometime...

sde c.1 by Senior II
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Unwanted interrupts for EthernetMAC (MMC)

We use a STM32F746 with Ethernet (ETH). We found a possible problem of the using the Ethernet (ETH) with actived interrupt. The Ethernet (ETH) has one interrupt vector for all interrupts of the Ethernet (ETH) (e. g. Receive, or Early Receive, ...) A ...


Sorry about the dumb question.Is it possible to have DFU and USART on the same USB port on a custom board?I just want to upload firmware via USB and have the ability to receive sensor data output via UART using a virtual com port.Two different things...

Manny12 by Associate III
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Firmware update over uart I/O pin config

Hello togetherActual I use the systembootloader to update the device over uart.Is there a way to reconfigure the unused I/O pin for the system bootloader? Or must this be done via a self-written bootloader?The problem is that some I/O pins take on a ...

42bytes by Associate
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Hi all, I enabled USB on 407 controller in MS Class and through program I am enabling (MX_USB_DEVICE_Init();) and disabling (MX_USB_DEVICE_DeInit ();) it. Once enabled, it looks as though the controller gets stuck in a loop. It does not execute

other functions and just hangs. I am suspecting some interrupt flag not being cleared. Strangely it works on my laptop but not on a PC. An earlier version is working without getting stuck and shows SD card content. Any suggestions please?