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Driver for ksz8863 switch?

Hi, does ST have it's own driver implementation of the ksz8863 switch. If yes where can i download it. I like to have an link up/down feedback. Need to have connection to the internal register of that switch. For now i just use the lan8742 driver pro...

MOtto.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! custom bootloader problem on STM32F405

helloi am working on a custom bootloader or STM32F405.the Flash process is done correctly by the Bootloader, i checked the content of the flash.the problem happens when the bootloader jumps to the application firmware which is located at adress 0x080...

0693W00000aHet4QAC.jpg 0693W00000aHetPQAS.jpg
ZTale.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! SDCard (SDIO) connector on stm32f723e-disco

Hi all,is it possible to connect a SDCard to the stm32f723e-disco [1] board? The webpage [1] is talking about some microSD connector, but I do not really find one. So is this a mistake on the webpage?Additionally, I would like to ask, if it is possib...

whati001 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H725 supports VCP over USB?

Hello,i am porting a project made initially on STM32H750, but because of the semiconductor shortage on the market, the only available part was a stm32H725IGK6, which i started working on.Regarding the usb connection, i have the following pins used:P...

Bogdan by Senior
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How do i use HAL_UART in AZURE RTOS

Hi i would like to have an example code or something that helps me out, I wanna know how to use HAL functions in AZURE RTOS ,When i try to use HAL_UART_TRANSMIT(&huart2,pdata,size,timeout) i get an error that huart is not defined like wise same for P...

SC.J.1 by Associate
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