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Resolved! HAL_SAI_Transmit_IT data

I'm using the NUCLEO board NUH723 to develop a project and I need to understand better how the HAL_SAI_Transmit_IT works. In my code I use the HAL_SAI_Transmit_IT to send data to the SAI1 interface --> 48KHz, stereo,32bit: I have to send two buffer o...

carloV by Associate II
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Interupting CAN communication

Hello everyone. I am working on CAN communication with STM32F429I-Disc1 with TJA1050 transceiver. Standard communication works more than fine. What I would like to do next is to interrupt communication while CAN message with certain ID is present on ...

kingston by Associate
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Resolved! ST-WDS software [fixed]

The ST MIcro website offers this free tool link but when I download it, its appears to be resticted as a trial use.I followed the instructions and there was a link on the download page that gets installed, simple and good for a year.Thanks 

Include a bin file to my project

Hello to alli have build my project as programmer on stm32f103c8t6 to connect as master host to slave one stm32f103c8t6 and program the slave device with code which saved in eeprom connected to the master with i2c it working well with me but I need t...

Elmofty by Associate II
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Connect B-U585I-IOT2A to Azure IoT cloud

Hi Tech Support Team,I would like to connect the B-U585I-IOT2A board to Azure IoT cloud using STM32CUBE IDE.I am confusing on the setup steps.Should I go through the steps 1 and 2 then follow steps 3.b?Or just start with steps 3.b? And also, when bui...

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bay by Associate II
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Resolved! SPI MISO shifted

Hello ST Community, I have setup a SPI master and a SPI slave, both use DMA in Normal mode. The word size is 8-bits and the data size is 8-bytes. The problem is that the slave transmits messages which contains old data. When it should send:MISO: { 0x...

Nikolaj_TL_0-1718698066796.png {02530675-2C30-4D84-BCB1-AEE662778433}.png

How to enter Standby or Shutdown mode on STM32

Entering low-power modes, especially the Standby and Shutdown modes, is another mostly software related disaster from ST. Additionally there also seems to be one or two hardware bugs and/or undocumented conditions. This topic provides an example of h...

Piranha by Chief II
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