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adc_trustzone Issue

Hi, I am using ADC1 on stm32H563ZI nucleo board with trustzone enabled, I am not getting proper adc values (getting adc count of 822). When trust zone is disabled I am getting proper value of around 4095 with input of 3.3Volt .I am attaching the proj...

Ally_11 by Associate
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STM32L0 LPUART reboot

Hi,MCU : STM32L010R8TX.I have configured 2 UART peripheral in STM32. LPUART1 for GNSS and UART2 for LTE Module Communication. Both are working on Interrupt Mode for receiving data.Uart 2 communication is request and response based. When the LTE Modul...

STM32H7 and DP83848

I've developed a custom board featuring an STM32H723GTX MCU, which is interfaced with a DP83848 PHY via an MII connection.   Additionally, I'm working with a Nucleo-F767ZI board. When configuring LWIP in the "Platform Settings", I encounter two PH...

FWupgrade_Standalone example not working

 Hi, I tried to run the FWupgrade_Standalone example on the STM32h743I EVAL Rev B board, but it didn't work.There are currently three issues 1.HS, FS in the build settings are not working correctly.If I don't connect a USB stick to the OTG HS without...

Croaker by Associate II
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M95M04-DR - Always reading 0

I'm trying to interface M95M04-DR with XMC4700. When I read RDSR, I receive all 0s.When I write to an address, again I get all 0s on that address. I'm attaching SPI configuration and code snippet please look help me to solve this issue.I've connected...

GSaw by Associate II
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