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STM32F469I-DISCO CS43L22 Audio Codec

Hi! I am trying to generate a sine wave on my CS43L22 audio codec chip and use the included stereo jack on my STM32F469I-DISCO board. I'm using the STM32Cube IDE. There is one .WAV player example that I can't get to build in the IDE that's closely re...

Kneepatch by Associate III
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I2S audio crackly noise on STM32L05x

Hello everyone!I am struggling with playback via I2S to external DAC on STM32L051/53. Audio:file in external SPI flash,WAV format16KHz sampling rate16bit depthI run the core on internal oscillator. My 'real' I2S clock (WS frequency) is 15,957kHz, whi...

MBank.1 by Associate II
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Inquiries about spiritDSP

Inquiries regarding spiritDSP.We are implementing mp3 with DAC DMA using SpiritDSP.The time to play depends on the samplerate and bitrate of the mp3 file.The original time is 3 minutes and 10 seconds,The playback time is different as shown below.The ...

sbaek.11 by Associate II
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Audio data RF synchronization

Hello,I am sampling audio data with sampling rate 16 kHz and then send it using RF to the other MCU which is sending to DAC samples with the same 16 kHz sampling rate, Im using DMA for sending data through I2S to external DAC. The problem is that the...

KD�?b by Associate II
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