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Resolved! X CUBE USB AUDIO not recognized as audio device

Hello, I want to use X CUBE USB AUDIO examples in X CUBE IDE.After generating the binary code (without errors) and flashing the binary code via DFU, the card is not recognized as an audio device, I tried on all 4 projects. I unplugged USB, do reset, ...

Loulou by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H747 I2S slave mode

Hello, I have a setup where I use an STM32H747XIH6U and an ADAU1361 codec on the I2S-interface. I want to use the PDM-mics on the ADAU, and in order to do that, ADAU has to be in I2S master mode according to the datasheet. Consequently, STM has to be...

lukasma by Associate III
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PDM2PCM(HP) library details

Good morning, if possible, I would like more details about the following PDM2PCM(HP version) library used for converting PDM data to PCM.           typedef struct{ uint16_t bit_order// MSB / LSB uint16_t endianness;// big endian / little endian uint3...

Mavi by Associate II
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Resolved! X CUBE USB AUDIO can't generate binary

Hello,I want to try the examples in the package X CUBE USB AUDIO with X CUBE IDE and generate binary file for flashing it via DFU (I don't have ST LINK) .With others projects, I go to : project menu / properties / C/C++ build/ settings / MCU Post bui...

Loulou by Associate II
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Questions about PDM MEMS microphones.

I am using STM32F407 Discovery Board for my audio project. There is a PDM mems microphone on this board. I want to get sound signal over I2S with DMA. For that ı am using SWV graph in İDE. I tried all ı found on the internet. ı have a few questions t...

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Trampler by Associate
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Resolved! conversion not working

Hi,I am currently using Pro with FP-SNS-DATALOG2 FW.After acquisition, I would need to convert the data from the microphone from .dat to .wav and to do this I am using the example provided. Unfortunately, the result...

Gerva by Associate II
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STM32F405 + tlv320aic3204 - Audio Driver

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me find or create a driver to communicate the tlv320aic3204 with the stm32f405 on my own custom board. I have been trying to replicate this tutorial (STM32 I2S ADC DMA & Double Buffering - Digital Audio Processing...