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STM32F7 record SPDIF data to SD card

Hi,​I'm trying to use a STM32F746 to record SPDIF_Rx to SD card. I'm already got some data and save to SD card.​I use HAL_SPDIFRX_ReceiveDataFlow_DMA(&hspdif, (uint32_t*)&BufferCtl.pcm_buff_32[0], AUDIO_IN_PCM_BUFFER_HALF_SIZE)and HAL_SPDIFRX_RxHalfC...

庭張.1 by Associate
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Resolved! F7: SAI 24 bit audio samples to SRAM via DMA in bytes?

Hello,I'm trying to get some audio samples with 24 bit resolution from the SAI (RX, connected to an external ADC) into SRAM via DMA.When DMA data sizes / alignments are set to WORD (32bit) for peripheral and memory everything works fine.To save some ...

LCE by Principal
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Enabling the UCPD DMA

Hello. I'm using an STM32G071KBU6N in a USBPD application. My application uses both internal UCPD ports.I'm working on enabling the DMA and DMAMUX for use with the UCPD peripheral, for both Rx and Tx of both ports. I'm focusing on Tx right now, and c...

RHelv.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! DFSDM with DMA doesn't give expected results

Hello,I am working on application that would use microphone array. Together with STM32H735IG board I decided to use STEVAL-MIC001V1 microphone array connected via DFSDM interface. I based my project on example available in CubeMX - DFSDM_AudioRecord ...

PZare.1 by Associate II
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