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Hallo. I use stm32h747 with touch gfx. I connected PDM microphone and have error in decoding PDM to PCM, it looks Touch gfx use CRC module and stop PDM to PCM decoding. Is possible use at one system tgfx and PDM ?BR

DDom.1 by Associate II
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TouchGfx with QSPI + Audio

Hi,I am working on a project using STM32F7. So far I have touchgfx working with external QSPI for storing image resources. Everything is working good and expected so far.Now I would like to add audio functionality. The aim is to play WAV files when a...

STM32F746-Discovery Kit Audio Player

Hi, ​​I have gone through below link. ​​​Is there any demo for audio player from that audio files pop up from USB Mass Storage/SDCard in TouchGFX...

Getting started with STM32f469 ?

I just got the eval board.I am clueless , too much info on the site , can someone point me to a get started pdf or something ? Shouldnt I see the board in the Audiweaver server? Where it now says native?I have Touch FX and the audio weaver ,but neith...

Problem using audio on STM32F7

Hi!I've been struggling for several days in trying to make a working audio example on my STM32F746 Discovery board.I have studied the datasheet of the codec, of SAI, I2S and the examples given in the STM32F7 firmware package.I have succeeded in makin...

Audio Player Demo (STM32L4R9I-DISCO)

I would like to implement audio in my project with the STM32L4R9I-DISCO kit. I tried first checking out the demo that comes with the discovery kit, but the touchgfx demo doesn't seem to accept wav or mp3 files. Is there a specific audio format that i...

Du1 by Senior
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