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STM32F107 read MP34DT05-A mic on I2S

I am working on STM32F107 to read MP34DT05-A mems mic on I2S. I have tried any configuration setting with `pdm2pcm.c` and i2s.c but nothing shows the expected result.The expected result is positive int value. This is what i did so far:i2s3 (SPI3) set...

PSeti.1 by Associate
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Issues with PDM mono microphone with I2S

Dear all,I have some trouble setting up the correct acquisition of the MEMS microphone over I2S.Consider the STM32F401RE Nucleo board connected to the IMP34DT05 PDM microphone with L/R to GND.Through Mx, the I2S peripheral is configured as follows:Th...

0693W00000GYxgwQAD.png 0693W00000GYxe3QAD.png 0693W00000GYxi9QAD.png
frnt by Senior
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