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STM32F746 Discovery's MEMS Microphone

Hi,I could work perfectly with UART, SD Card, and button interrupt of this discovery kit. Now, I would appreciate, if you help me to start up the microphone of the stm32F746 Discovery board. The goal is to read the data from the microphone and watch ...

spark by Associate II
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STM32G0 CubeMX USB PD Configuration

I am working on getting the USB PD pins setup in CubeMX for a board I've just built. I am using the STM32G071CBT6.I was not planning on using the Dead Battery functionality, so I connected the CC lines to PA8 and PB15 to use UCPD1. And USART1 to PA9,...

MIDI by UART - Library for STM32

Posted on March 11, 2018 at 22:22Hi all!I'm looking for a C library for MIDI communication over UART, in order to use standard DIN connectors.I found many topics about MIDI-USB midibut I can't find any library for MIDI using UARTs.Could you please s...

Audio via USART (STM32F4 Discovery)

Posted on May 07, 2013 at 03:07I'm trying to create a project where I send an audio file from a computer to my STM32F4-Discovery board via USART and play the file. I have successfully run a USART example where a character is sent to the F4 board and...