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Resolved! Code Isolation on STM32G484VET for safety-critical (non-upgradable area) and non-safety-critical (Upgradable area)

Hello Support Team.Good Day.We have chosen the STM32G484VET controller for our product.According to the firmware architecture, we intend to create two separate partitions, one for safety-critical (non-upgradable area) and the other for non-safety-cri...

Resolved! DRP1M1_DRP example on G0B1RE

Hello,I am trying to evaluate the DRP USB C solution ST has to offer.I have available to me a NUCLEO-G0B1RE and an X-NUCLEO-DRP1M1.I understand that the code written in the DRP1M1_DRP example was written for the NUCLEO-G071RB, but I cannot find any r...

NMartin by Associate III
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Installing X-Cube-Audio in cubeIDE?

Hi all,I tried to install X-Cube-Audio in cubeIDE but it is not in the list of software packages. I tried to use "From local..." and pointed to the zip file but I got an error (picture below). There is an X-Cube-Audio-F7 that is obsolete but nothing ...

Rodo by Senior
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Resolved! STM32G071 UCPD Dead Battery pins does not work.

I have STM32G071 MCU to control a USB Type C hub and I want to use VBUS Powered sink in the application. I have connected Dead Battery pins to their respected CCx pins. It supposed to act as a sink when there is no power but when I connect the type c...

Cagatay by Associate II
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Resolved! AUDIO_AudioCmd_FS gets called only once

I am trying to implement a simple soundcard from using STM32F407G-DISC1 board.It utilizes STM32F407. I am using CubeIDE version 1.10.1I configured the USB to be Full-speed Device Only. And I configured the middleware as Audio class.I set the the heap...

Sami1 by Associate II
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