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Resolved! USBX custom class

I'm developing firmware on a G0-family device.  I've implemented a CDC-ACM device based on one of the USBX sample applications.  Windows finds it, enumerates it and I can open it as a COM port.  That's all working.Now I want to add a second interface...

grahamm by Associate II
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stm32h743zi WINUSB(HS) ISSUE

I AM USING STM32H743ZI IN USB_HS IN CONTROLLER BUT WHEN I CONNECT USB CABLE TO CPU IN DEVICE MANAGER IT DISPLY winUSB BUT IN zadig software not install the libusb driver it seen the driver not install so how how to solve this problem suggest me 

SITARAM by Associate II
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Resolved! USB device audio class up or IN stream not working.

Device: STM32F411RE NUCLEOHello, I am having some issues with STM USBD AUDIO library. For some reason I cannot get it to stream audio data to a host device in a proper way.The device is successfully recognized as 2 channel 16 bit microphone by my PC....

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MWolt.1 by Associate II
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STM32F4 Discovery USB Audio

Hey,I am trying to send some sine wave signal over usb audio class to computer. I arranged usb descriptors so computer recognizes mcu as microphone but I am struggling to send sine wave. I create sine wave with dac and I read it with adc. what should...

SSone.1 by Associate III
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Have two USB Audio Device Class

I have a STM32F446 MCU. I want to use the two USB ports featured by the MCU and have a single Audio Device Class on each USB but once one is selected in the CubeMX, the other is greyed out.

TLest.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! USB audio type I IEEE_FLOAT descriptor

Hi all,I am using a STM32H7 and I implemented a composite usb device (CDC + AUDIO recording) using IAD interface descriptor.I can successfully configure the audio interface as type I PCM (I tested both 16 and 32 bit), but if I try to configure the au...

AGhez by Associate III
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