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USB Type-C IC suggestion

Hi,I'm looking for some suggestions for the implementation of a self-powered and DRD (Dual Role Data) system provided with USB Type-C connector, but without PD support.I found two different solutions:1) Using a configuration channels protection IC (T...

STUSB1602 pins connection

Hi there,I am seeking some guidance regarding the connection of the STUSB1602 to the STM32L031G6U6 microcontroller for a low-power application with a small footprint.Currently, I have already connected the STUSB1602 to the microcontroller using the I...

VDD pin connection of STUSB1600

Hi, I am trying to use STUSB1600 as a front end interface to my USB Type-C connector and interface it with STM32L4R9 series microcontroller. It is a dual role type application but with no power delivery. Unable to understand why VDD of STUSB1600 is c...

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MoniR by Associate
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Resolved! USB Type C DRD/OTG

hi all,  i am using STM32U585 controller which is having a internal UCPD requirement is to create a module which can act as host and device using USB type C. i am taking the hardware connection as same as stm32U585 eval board(and adding...

sabari1 by Associate III
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Resolved! UCPD + GUI Corruption message

Hello,I have a custom board setup with an STM32G071GBUxN and a TCPP03-M20.I have followed this STM guide for setting it up as a DRP device.It is able to negotiate as a sink with Source only devices, and it is able to communicate over LPUART1 to show ...

NMartin by Associate III
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Resolved! There is a problem that USBPD_CAD_Task stops

 Hello,I am developing a USB Type C chargerThe development environment is as follows HardwareNUCLEO-G071RB (tested on rev C)X-NUCLEO-DRP1M1 shield Softwarex-cube-tcppDRP1M1_DRP When this board is connected to a Windows tablet, the CAD task(USBPD_CAD_...

forst by Associate III
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Resolved! Disable Sink and Sorce at Startup DRP1M1

  Hello,I am using the NUCLEO-G071RB and the X-NUCLEO-DRP1M1 with the X-CUBE TXPP Software Bundle.I created my project via the instructions from

VH by Associate
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Resolved! USB PD Development Environment

X-NUCLEO-DRP1M1 と NUCLE0-G071RB を持っています。USB 開発には x-cube-tcpp を使用します。ただし、構成ファイル (.ioc) を使用すると、コード生成があることに気付きました。設定ファイル(.ioc)を使用したUSBPD設定ファイル(.ioc)を使用してUSBPD用のソフトウェアを開発することはできますか?サンプルプロジェクトはありますか?

forst by Associate III
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Hello,I have an application that uses the TCPM/TCPC architecture, with a STM32U5 acting as the port manager, and the FUSB307B as the port controller. I want to use the USB-PD middleware stack for the policy engine, however, when looking at the availa...

rward by Associate
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