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About UM2552 sample code

I am building a USBPD sink with reference to the UM2552, but in the sample code on page 16, it seems that the ")" corresponding to the IF on the 9th line has disappeared, is this a typo? Also, is there a correct example somewhere?

Sodag.1 by Associate II
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For UCPDx controller, I want to configure a sink for 15V/3A(45W) use STM32G0B1RCT6. What's the meaning of UCPD number for 'GP' version LQFP64 package?

Hello, I find there are a note for 'GP' version LQFP64 package.In blank of UCPD, which has the number "1" .The note is: One port with only one CC Line available(supporting limited number of use cases).Is that mean only one UCPD controller( UCPD1 or U...

Lmatt.11 by Associate III
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Resolved! F7: SAI 24 bit audio samples to SRAM via DMA in bytes?

Hello,I'm trying to get some audio samples with 24 bit resolution from the SAI (RX, connected to an external ADC) into SRAM via DMA.When DMA data sizes / alignments are set to WORD (32bit) for peripheral and memory everything works fine.To save some ...

LCE by Principal
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Is DFSDM required for PDM mics

Hi - I'm trying to get a single PDM mic (ST MP34DT01-M) working with an STM32H7, using SAI. It's outputting static when I send the DAC each SAI *freq* interrupt. Some questions:Is the DFSDM peripheral required? If so, what does the value of the SAI x...

DOCon.1 by Senior
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Resolved! I am using the USB-PD protocol with the stm32G071RBT6 processor with the tcpp01 card. I can only get 5v at the output(Vbus). I can't get 20v(Vbus). what should I do. APPLICATION NOTE(AN5418) , TCPP01-M12 DOCUMENT AND LINK OF USB-PD CODE BELOW.


Mtopa.1 by Associate II
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STM32H7 MIPI DSI maximum clock speed?

There is inconsistency in the reference manual and the STM32CubeMX clock configuration tool as to what the maximum clock for the PLL DSI. Reference manual suggests it is 1000 MHz however, when set to that in STM32CubeMX, an error is generated at the...

bchia by Associate
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