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Resolved! How To Run 2 UCPD ports on CMSIS V1

Hey allI am building an application using a STM32G071RB with a DRP1M1 as ucpd 0 and a USBDP1 (old SNK1M1) as ucpd 1 and new to the STM UCPD worldIn an attempt to start from a working base, I used the DRP1M1_DRP example project as a starting point. Th...

IOTkid by Associate II
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UCPD Schematic review on G4

I want to create a power distribution system that can accept up to three supplied (AC/DC, USB, and Battery. At the end of VBUS will be the management system that will choose the highest voltage and use that as primary supply.Would like some suggestio...

0693W00000WKu4gQAD.png 0693W00000WKu4WQAT.png 0693W00000WKu4vQAD.png 0693W00000WKu6cQAD.png
RMas by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G431 USB C power delivery and Debug options

I'm designing a board G4 MCU and want to be able to power the board from USB C as well as debug or program the board.Is it possible to program the MCU via the USB C or usb 2.0 interface? If not, and I have to use SWD, what would i need in order to pr...

RMas by Associate II
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