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stm32L072cz PDM to PCM

Hi, I have stm32l072cz and I need to connect a digital microphone and make a sound level meter. There are no questions with the connection microphone, but there was a problem with the conversion of PDM to PCM. As I understand the library AudioPDM-MW ...

Vandr.1 by Associate II
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I2S audio crackly noise on STM32L05x

Hello everyone!I am struggling with playback via I2S to external DAC on STM32L051/53. Audio:file in external SPI flash,WAV format16KHz sampling rate16bit depthI run the core on internal oscillator. My 'real' I2S clock (WS frequency) is 15,957kHz, whi...

MBank.1 by Associate II
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[STUSB4500 <--> STM32L031K6] Is it possible to parallelly access read/write register through I2C and NVM register through GUI without any affect?

We are currently working on a USB type C based fast charging system design and interfacing STUSB4500 with STM32L031K6 to compliant PD for fast charging. We are successfully able to read and write registers through I2C.So Is it possible to parallelly ...

Bhautik by Associate II
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Do I can reproduce sound with L031E?

Hi, I need choose a STM32L0 microcontroller for reproduce sound, I had thought choose L031E because is smaller and it have few GPIO, but I don't know if I can reproduce sound whit it. I don't need many GPIO, that's way I though about it.Caracteristic...

Melxo by Associate II
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