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Resolved! How to debug TFM on B-U585I-IOT02A?

Hi,Follow the instruction in the, I can compile and load the code into the kit, and the code is working fine.Please share me some information how to debug "TFM_Appli secure" and "TFM_Appli non secure" project?Thanks,QiZhang

zqizh.1 by Associate II
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I am trying to build the STM32 X-CUBE SBSFU Package , I am able to build the 2_Images_SECoreBin and 2_Images_SBSFU Package, But Not able to build the 2_Images_UserApp.

Following Error Occurs11:12:01 **** Incremental Build of configuration Debug for project STM32F769I_Discovery_2_Images_UserApp ****make -j8 all arm-none-eabi-gcc -z max-page-size=1 -o "UserApp.elf" @"objects.list" ../../../../2_Images_SBSFU/SW4STM32/...

wasi785 by Associate II
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Resolved! Debugging STM32L55 Secure World Using Keil IDE

Hello, I have a simple application running on STM32L55 Secure World, but I would like to debug it step by step using an IDE.I am able to debug using the Keil IDE, but it seems the TZEN bit is zero. It must be about the defaults state of the STM32L55 ...

Murat by Associate III
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Meaning of "version" flag in prepareimage

Hello,I am trying to get familiar with X-CUBE-SBSFU. I am currently confused about the meaning of "-v, --version" flag for " header" and " pack" commands, e.g. from readme:python pack -k OEM_KEY_COMPANY1...

sute by Associate III
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Resolved! Reset Host Cipher and Mac Key in STSafe IC?

Hello guys, how are you all?I'm currently developing using the X-NUCLE-SAFEA1 board integrated with an STM32WB55. I was executing the pairing example generating a randomic mac and cipher key. I stored successfully this keys into the STSafe, but my pr...

MBuen.1 by Senior
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Symmetric encryption with STSAFE-A110

The datasheet on STSAFE-A110 seems to clearly state that the chip provides symmetric encryption services, however the Cube expansion package and middleware in there does not appear to support that. Where can I get the examples of using this feature?

DJanu.1 by Associate
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SBSFU and userApp bigelf size

Hello,I am trying to generate the combined elf file with SBSFU and user app. The provided postbuild scripts use the following code to create the file:command=$programmertool" -ms "$elf" "$headerbin" "$sbsfuelfThere is a problem that the combined elf ...

sute by Associate III
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