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I need to know how to build binaries (RSS, User Flash App with OTA, Wireless stack) for STM32WB series.Can you share any document regarding building these binaries?
Hi all, I am exploring the security features available on STM32 platform and I read the document (KMS-MW Brief Data). I need some more details on that. Can you share some documents regarding it?
Hi all, I recently came to know a macro (MINICOM_YMODEM) is to differentiate that the user app is to be updated via Linux or tera-term (windows). I need a common a way on which the user app can be updated via both OS. So, I decided to use python modu...
Hi all, I need to flash SBSFU to STM32F769I - Disco via JTAG. While I try to connect to the board via JTAG, the following error shows up.Do I have wrong configuration settings or is there any other problem?
On running the SBSFU project on STM32F769I-DISCO board, will the boot ROM evaluate the integrity and authenticity of Secure boot. So that, the user will be sure that his/her Secure boot not replaced by others.