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How to Port SBSFU to Linux Environment ??

I worked on POC for X-CUBE-SBSFU in windows environment. It is all working fine without any issues.Now the challenge is, we need to migrate SBSFU source to be compiled in Ubuntu Linux environment. I am struggling to do this, and getting lot of errors...

SPati.7 by Associate III
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What are Boot Steps of STM32H7 Secure Mode

As per my understanding Secure Mode of STM32H7 as follows:RESET => Enter System Boot loader => Program OB register content => If (SECURITY) => RSS Boot => Configure Secure User Memory => Jump to Secure User memory on User Flash.I have two open questi...

SPati.7 by Associate III
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is the Asymmetric Cryptography supports ECC NIST256p keys only ..?? Because i tried to generate ECC private key with help of "secp256k1" and got compilation error as NOT SUPPORTED,

Self Generation script is like this :def generate():       return ECDSA256P1(SigningKey.generate(curve=NIST256p))KEY EXTRACTIONkey = SigningKey.from_pem(pem)       if == 'NIST256p':           return ECDSA256P1(key)       else:         ...

SPati.7 by Associate III
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Include paths?

Hello guys,I'm trying to use the sample project given in the MOOC, and I'm getting compilation errors. The below is the error message.../STM32_Cryptographic/legacy_v3/src/hash/legacy_v3_sha1.c:20:10: fatal error: hash/legacy_v3_sha1.h: No such file o...

Vmere.1 by Senior
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Resolved! STM32f030k6 CRC Config error

I want to use CRC on STM32f030k6, but as soon as I enable it, some errors appear and compilation fails.Even when I want to use EEPROM Emulation example for the above micro, again it fails to compile.What is wrong?STM32CubeIDE - Version: 1.10.1STM32Cu...

Mahdi1 by Associate II
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