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How to exit safe mode for STM32H735.

How to exit safe mode when the security position of the chip is 1 and the protection area of the flash of the new chip is from 0x080000000 to 0x082020000, but the content in the flash is erased,Thank you.
ST Employee

Hello @wux 

Do you mean you want to perform RDP regression when the flash is already erased?

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Jocelyn RICARD
ST Employee

Hello @wux,

I understand you enabled the STM32H7 secure memory protection.

When this protection is enabled, you have a unique boot entry defined by the boot address in option bytes and JTAG is disabled by default. This means that you must have software running on the chip to be able to either perform directly a regression or open the JTAG to be able to launch the regression through STM32CubeProgrammer.

So, if you have erased the flash in this context, you will not be able to connect anymore with neither JTAG not system bootloader. So your device is unfortunately bricked.

Best regards