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Resolved! SBSFU : how to remove write protection?

Hi,I forgot to comment the protections set in app_sfu.h and tried debugging the code. Later I realized and commented everything and it is not allowing me to flash the program on the device. I made RDP level 0 from cube programmer, but still write pro...

ANaga.2 by Associate II
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Crypto library RSA Signature errors

Hi,I am trying to use the STM32Cryptography library to verify the signature of a flash segment, using RSA Encryption and 3072 bit length keys.The signature is generated by a python script and appended to the hex file. The signature has a length of 38...

On the STM32H (not L) I need to use a 1-wire EPROM, and I try the generic driver calls generated by the IDE (HAL_SWPMI_Receive, HAL_SWPMI_Transmit, HAL_SWPMI_MspInit, etc.) and I see no bits going out on the scope, and the transmit times out.

I can "Transmit" but the TXE flag never clears and the transmit times out. It's unclear which parts of the bus are fully automated (reset, discovery, etc.) and how much of the CRC is handled, etc. I can see nothing on a scope, but if the chip gets in...

PBrai.1 by Associate
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STM32H753 - generating SBSFU bin file

We are facing an issue related to the STM32H753 MCU , CubeIDE version 1.10.1 .We compiled our project successfully with all needed scripts for generate the SBSFU file + sfb bin file.The bin file programmed into the internal FLASH via the Cube Program...

AHada.2 by Associate
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