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SBSFU in L5 series - existing project integration

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I am working on a large project on a custom board based on STM32 L5 series. I've already set up, implemented, and tested my code using STM32CubeIDE. Now, I'm trying to integrate the project into SBSFU. For that reason, I am using the SBSFU example for NUCLEO-L552ZE-Q, however, it is confusing which files I have to copy to the SBSFU Application project. Besides, instead of copying/pasting files I'd like to automate the process.

Are there any guides with examples?



ST Employee

Hi @Lyap94 ,

besides the AN and UM on the SBSFU, there's not much documentation.

You should alter the application memory placement to the execution slot within the secure framework, make sure the interrupt table will be relocated correctly and then run, first with security features disabled. It's known problem, that the SBSFU is documented inadequately, so you may run into conflicts on resources, for example GPIO being used by tamper feature.



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Hi BR and thanks for your reply,

I am working on project_1 that I build and test in DEBUG mode. 

Then I created the project_2 that is based on the SBSFU and in the SBSFU_Appli_NonSecure project that is part of project_2 I copied the files in which I implement changes in project_1. I also followed your instructions. 

In this way, it works. My only problem is that I need to copy files manually from one project to the other, which is error prone. What do you think is a good strategy in this case to avoid the manual copying?