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Dear Sir.I am trying to work with the examples of TFM_Appication and SBSFU_Boot examples of STMCube_FW_U5_V1.2.0 when compilng I get the error Error: Missing option '-S' / '--slot-size' failedmake[1]: *** [makefile:92: post-build] Err...

Resolved! SBSFU 2.6.2 firmware swapping issue

Hi Guys,Ported SBSFU 2.6.2 to STM32G0B1CEU6 (512K FLASH and 64K RAM) based on Nucleo-G071RB example.Modified mapping_fwimg.ld as below: /* Slots must be aligned on 2048 bytes (0x800) */ /* swap (4 kbytes) */ __ICFEDIT_SWAP_start__ = 0x0804...

hw310404 by Associate III
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Resolved! Error message from debugger back end

Error in final launch sequence:Failed to execute MI command:load D:\\STUSER\\STM32CubeIDE\\workspace_1.13.0\\TEST190923\\Debug\\TEST190923.elfError message from debugger back end:Error finishing flash operation

RKOAS by Associate II
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SBSFU | FLASH sector segmentation

Hello all,I have a question about possibility of splitting/dividing FLASH sector for active/download image slots.A bit more context... My target MCU is STM32F756ZGTx, here is its FLASH memory map:What we want to do is: assign sector 4 (128 kB) and se...


Does X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB support hardware acceleration?

Hi,I've been exploring cryptography support on the STM32 uCs, especially on the L4 series. I'm able to run the X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB code to perform AES-GCM, but it's very slow. It takes roughly 4ms to encrypt and tag 80 bytes, with a master clock of 8MHz...

FNin.1 by Associate
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