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Resolved! Decoder of ASN.1 format to read RSA public key

Hello, I am using the STM32 Cryptolib. I need to get the modulus and exponent of RSA public key from a .pub or .pem files. After decoded from base64 I need to decode the DER format (in ASN.1 format). Has anyone any suggestion of which libray may I us...

lukin by Associate III
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Resolved! Tamper: not able to update into the seed registers

Hi all,I'm trying to implement Active Tamper in STM32U585 controller, im trying to generate the SEED, the Seed is getting generated, but the SEED is not getting updated in the SEED reg of tamper, i'm attaching the code and seed values generated for r...

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meghasb by Senior
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Resolved! cannot launch UserAPP after SBSFU

Hi, I am a beginner in SBSFU.STM32L4S7ZIT6STM32CUBEIDE Version: 1.12.0STM32CUBEProgrammer v 2.13.0 (for download SBSFU and full chip erase)Tera Term v 4.106When run SBSFU, I can get EXECUTE USER FIRMWARE at end, but cannot run UserAPP.if reset SBSFU,...

alyssa_0-1699955016076.png alyssa_3-1699956507644.png alyssa_4-1699957019484.png alyssa_2-1699956302724.png
alyssa by Associate
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Does Stm32l496zgt6 have AES hardware

Hi,I'm working on STM32L496 for some security application, as per L4 series documents I see that L4 series controllers has AES hardware, but in my IOC settings under security option I don't see the AES. Why is this? does it mean STM32L496 doesn't hav...

ML2020 by Associate
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