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I have enabled level 1 rop in stm32f030c8, now my code is not working in device and m not able to load fresh code or debuge it using attolics true studio.

here's my code for RDPprotection:void Flash_SetRDPLevel(uint8_t ReadProtectLevel) //level 1 (0xBB){ uint32_t tmp_reg; Unlock(); OB_unlock();  /* Read RDP level bits */  tmp_reg = (FLASH->OBR & (FLASH_OBR_RDPRT1 | FLASH_OBR_RDPRT2));  //if (tmp_re...

shikha by Associate II
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Resolved! Calculate CRC-8

Hello,I need to know how to calculate CRC-8 of input data.I have a binary stream like (12586966 Dec or 0XC00FD6) and CRC-8(22 DEC, 0x16). Based on 0x97 polynomial how I can calculate my input binary stream CRC-8?Thanks

parisa by Senior
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Resolved! Board does not boot after readout protection enabled.

I have a project based on an Stm32F767. If I load the hex file and then manually enable readout protection to level 1 with the STLinkV2 utility, the board fails to begin to execute code after reset. Why? What is the correct way to use this feature?

CSeto.1 by Associate
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Resolved! [STM32L081xx] __HAL_RCC_AES_CLK_ENABLE missing

Hi all,I generated code in STM32CubeMX for STM32L081CBTx controller with AES enabled.I built the generated code (without modification) in STM32CubeIDE, but it failed with warning:../Core/Src/stm32l0xx_hal_msp.c: In function 'HAL_CRYP_MspInit': ../Cor...

ISzik.1 by Associate
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Code does not run when RDP is enabled on STM32L072

Hi ST community,I have a fully functional application on my STM32L072. The problem is when I tried to enable RDP, nothing works anymore.After flashing the application I tried to connect with ST-Link, the option bytes are set correctly and it is not p...

RCont.1 by Associate II
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