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Resolved! SBSFU with embOS (user app)

Hi everyone,I have a problem about the integration of the SEGGER embOS RTOS with SBSFU.I have already succeeded with FreeRTOS but I would like to use embOS for my project. The "SECoreBin" project compiles well, I added the instruction to deactivate t...

THugo by Associate II
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Replace standalone Loader with BLE_OTA

Hi,i am trying to replace standalone loader(2_Images_Loader) from SBSFU with BLE_OTA provided in STM32Cube_FW_WB_V1.3.0.I have made changes as suggested in AN5056 section 8.4 How to replace the standalone loader with a BLE OTA loader.After doing chan...

asala.19 by Associate III
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BLE_OTA bin file size is too large 385M

Hi,I am trying to replace standalone Loader from sbsfu with BLE_OTA As mention in AN5056 section 8.4.i have change linker script as they mention but show that BLE_OTA generate only elf and hex file,so to generate .bin file i have added below command ...

asala.19 by Associate III
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I am new to this STM family of Controllers & AES Coding. Kindly suggest some links where i can learn about the AES CBC Coding for STM32H750VB .I have generated the code for AES CBC Using STM32CUBE MX and unable to proceed with the coding.

The SBSFU porting of STM32G431C8

Due to cost constraints, only STM32G431x8 (64K byte flash memory) can be used, but there is no sample source code for G431x8 in the SBSFU library. I tried to port such a project, but I was a little confused.1. The compilation of the 1_Image_SBSFU pro...

PSui.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! CRC calculation using srec_cat

I am using STM32F207. The project that im working on will later on will be used by a bootloader. I am, therefore, trying to add crc information in the hex file so that bootloader will be able to validate its correctness.I am using srec_cat to calcula...

Ashei.8 by Associate II
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STM32G4 SBSFU do not display Welcome screen

I tried to step-by-step execution based on UM2262. But I could not get SBSFU welcome screen display (Fig24). My SBSFU display below.[SBOOT] Flash Configuration KO: Dual bank mode activated. STOP![SBOOT] Security issue: execution stopped!My step-by-st...