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Resolved! STSAFE-A personalisation options ?

For my new article project "Secure Elements" on I am trying to figure out which personalisation options are available for STSAFE-A.  STSAFE brochure explains that that ST offers customer-specific personalisation service for projects...

Kersten by Associate II
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SBSFU + UserApp with FreeRTOS

I have implemented an application with FreeRTOS. Now I want to run it as an application with SBSFU. It seemed to have a hard fault in SFU_LL_SB_SRAM_Erase(). It stuck in a place with R15(PC) 0x08008FEC ( The function HardFault_Handler for SBSFU is 0x...

Zoey by Associate III
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report small bugs about X-CUBE-SBSFU

2 small bugs I encountered:** sfu_error.c l.246function SFU_ErrorStatus SFU_EXCPT_Check_Code(SFU_EXCPT_IdTypeDef eExceptionId)=> missing case SFU_EXCPT_NONE=> never returns SFU_ERROR (should be added in default case)** When assertion is enabled in Cu...

Antoine1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Problem downloading X-CUBE-SBSFU

I tried several time to download the X-CUBE-SBSFU from the ST official page. Every time I request the software I got the message that after 48h I will get it by mail. But when I check I don't find it (even in spam).Do you have any idea plz ?

Moughit by Associate III
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