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Resolved! How to use a STM32G071B-DISCO Kit in SPY mode.

I have a STM32G071B-DISCO Kit. This device have a two USB C port. One is plug type and receptacle type. I'd like know how to use spy mode between SRC and SINK. I did connect this to SRC device and SINK device and connect micro-b port to STM32CubeMoni...

YKMIN by Associate II
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Resolved! Question about frame format of sai

Hi,​I'm implementing signal processing code.(cs42l51 audio in --> stm32 --> cs42l51 audio out)And i'm using STM32H7B3-discovery kit.I have some question about frame format of sai and cs42l51.When i send sine wave data from stm32 to cs42l51, the wavef...

0693W00000LyqwpQAB.png 0693W00000LyqxnQAB.png 0693W00000LyqzKQAR.png
Younjun by Associate II
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STSAFEA write/Update with authentication

Hi, I am using STSAFEA to use as a data management (user (32B) + password(32B)). I want to store hash password on the eeprom, but before reading or updating the data I want to do authentication between my MCU and STSAFEA.1.      I was able to send (H...

aabba.1 by Associate III
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STM32H747 MP3 player (spiritMP3 decode)

Hello everyone,I'm on STM32H747, I use SpiritMP3 decode to play my music with an I2S DAC on the M7. This works very well.The problem is when I want to dialogue between the two Cores, I use Domain D3.But I have a "BusFault" which occurs after SpiritDe...

cVass.1 by Associate II
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Function of ALERT pin(#19) for STUSB4500

In STUSB4500 datasheet, it says below for ALERT pin: Pin 19, B2, ALERT, OD, I2C interrupt, active low open drain, To I2C master, ext. pull-up.What does it mean - is the signal triggered when I2C command is sent from I2C master to STUSB4500?Thanks,...

WGao.1 by Associate II
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How to test Audio loop back (STM32f7508-DK)

Dear all,I have Stm32f7508-Dk ,I am trying to execute the BSP examples one by one Everything is ok but got stuck in Audio loopback As per instruction (Read Me file) we have to give input to Microphones U20 , U21 and we got the output in CN10 But i ca...

Ss.61 by Associate III
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