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STM32WB55RGV6 in mode DFU no update firmware

Hello. I'm a beginner with the STM32WB55RGV6, but I have a lot of experience with other microcontrollers from different manufacturers. I bought a STM32WB55RGV6 NUCLEO development board to load the Flipper Zero firmware onto it. However, I'm facing ma...

zurczurc by Associate
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Resolved! STM32L0x1 svd

Hi,I have STM32L0x1 svd v1.3, and it seems the PWR_CR LPSDSR bit is missing.Is there a more recent svd file? I can't seem to find it.Thanks

Resolved! STM UART DMA to receive Multibyte packet

hi, This is question regarding UART reception.UART configured with 115200 8 N1 I have a project where i need to receive a multibyte packet on UART and the length is not fixed.My Queries 1> Which approach should I take to receive a multibyte packet.2>...

RTOS debug with STM32CubeIDE

Hi Community,Today you will provide the answers, and I will ask the questions!Looking at the statistics gathered by our tools (assuming customer consent given), we can see the huge popularity of designing software relying on an RTOS. FreeRTOS is wide...

STM32 does not reset after DFU by USB

Posted on November 17, 2017 at 20:27I have already read several posts about the subject. including 'DFU: LEAVE does not jump to application'.and 'Reset after firmware upgrade'Context : STM32F072RBusing either DfuSeCommand.exe or DfuSeDemoUsing the D...

Problems with i2s

Hello, I am doing a project wich takes audio from an ESP32 via I2S, process it and then send bia i2S to an amplifier wich manage I2S signals as input.HARD:ESP32 (source of audio)ST nucleo F401Re (processing unit)Amp: MAX98357A.I manage to make work p...

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STM32U5A5 Semp put/get speed test

I have callback ISR code (from UART) where I put in Semaphore put and other code with Threadx static implementation with stack (SRAM2), Semaphore get, etc. I placed two GPIO signals to measure the timing between put and get. I set the compiler to opt...

Riscy by Senior
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