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Hello guys, I am on project that requires over the air firmware update Is there any guide+firmware for this task (eg from CUBEMX)?

I am using Nucleo-f446re and communicate with a server trought a GPRS telematic device ( the communication with the telematic device is through uart protocol). My average firmware size is 35kB. I can safely transmit the hex file to the MCU but I ne...

CMSIS DSP arm_rfft_q15 troubleshooting

Hello I am trying to perform FFT on real data sampled with ADC However, first I need to perform it on test data that I generated inside my code to verify it would workI set parameters: frequency, buffer size, sampling rate (buffsize 512)then I gener...

hashtala by Associate II
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f_open not working in stm32f4 with FATFS

I'm using STM32F4 Discovery board and its expansion board for SD-card interfacing. I'm using SD-cards with DMA2 and STM32CUBEIDE FW_F4 V1.24.2Before pointing out error I want to attach below link as a reference which I've used in my code -https://co...

Rsrma.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Custom Bootloader STM32H750

Hello,I am developing a simple GUI for a custom board based STM32H750 MCU.My requirements are the following:Both application code/data and touchGFX images/fonts are stored in and external QSPI (0x90000000) The entire application must be executed in t...

PLago.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F4xx and STM32H7xx CUBE HAL SPI BUGS

High Level Problem Description:STM32F4xx: Produced on STM32F427IIHxWhat happens:When SPI as master, full duplex, 8 bit & ~1MHz clock speed and doing longer transmissions (e.g. 10 - 60 bytes) using interrupts the current implementation in Keil::STM32F...