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Resolved! FATFS: f_stat returns FR_NO_FILE

Hello community, I am using STWINKT1B board and trying to implement basic accelerometer datalogging from scratch. I don't want to use HSDatalog because I don't need so many functionnalities.I am using FATFS functions, able to use mount, mkfs, mkdir, ...

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NCatt.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H743 Flash compute Crc

Hi people, I'm trying to use the flash crc but is not working as expected. If I pass the end address with offset 3 or 7 the result of crc calc will be always the same, 0xba4bbbf0. What the problem here?   FLASH_CRCInitTypeDef flash_crc_init = { ....


Resolved! HAL_TIMEOUT error from HAL_RCC_OscConfig()

Hi,my app works fine when I use the internal clock but if I switch to external clock I obtain HAL_TIMEOUT from function HAL_RCC_OscConfig().The external clock board schematic is:Clock configuration is:The main.c is:   /* USER CODE BEGIN Header */ /**...

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Beppe101 by Associate III
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DP83822 instead of DP83848

Has anyone written a driver for the DP83822 PHY ?I have tried to use the DP83848 driver. I am able to pass the DP83848_Init(&DP83848); in the ethernetif.c but then when it comes to check the list status, then I get a link down status. The LEDs on my ...

MQTT pbuf_free: p->ref > 0 error

I am working on an STM32f767 project with LWIP and MQTT. Everything seemed to work for a while but eventually, I received the following assert:  "pbuf_free: p->ref > 0..." which caused it to crash sometimes; but sometimes it will continue to work wit...

cleonb322 by Associate III
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