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RSSI value not changing in BLE Mesh Network?

Hello ST,@EMECH​ ​I am using BLE_MeshLightingProvisiner sample project. We try to trace the RSSI value from the below mentioned function:: BLEMesh_NeighborRefreshedCallback(const MOBLEUINT8* bdAddr,                     MOBLEBOOL provisioned,         ...

How to emulate BlueNRG-2n with BlueNRG-2

Hi,We have a custom board with BlueNRG-2 and wants it to act as a co-processor so it can be controlled through SPI from another MCU (STM32L4R9).The BlueNRG-2 has been flashed with STSW-BNRG2N-V320 firmware through the bootloader interface.DIO0 SCKDIO...

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