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Hello ST-CommunityI have a little problem with bluenrg-2m, I'm handling the the user event process in 100ms RTOS timer call back with stmn32f446.The problem is when I send a file using mobile app call bluetooth terminal, It become too slow !1kbyte pe...


ST BLUENRG-LP Bluetooth as a slave machine, how to forbid the other host to initiate the pairing request, I want to only allow the slave machine to initiate the pairing request

ret = aci_gap_set_io_capability(IO_CAP_NO_INPUT_NO_OUTPUT);ret = aci_gap_set_authentication_requirement(BONDING, MITM_PROTECTION_NOT_REQUIRED, SC_IS_SUPPORTED, KEYPRESS_IS_NOT_SUPPORTED, MIN_KEY_SIZE,  MAX_KEY_...

Fx.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! hi, I refer to demo"BLE_Security" in BlueNRG-LP , meet this error , API "aci_gap_set_authentication_requirement " return 0x11 err; #define BLE_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE ((tBleStatus)(0x11)) why?

code:void test_security_init(void) {   Clear_Security_Database(); int ret; /* ACI_GAP_SET_IO_CAPABILITY */ ret = aci_gap_set_io_capability(IO_CAPABILITY); if (ret != BLE_STATUS_SUCCESS) { TUYA_APP_LOG_INFO("aci_gap_set_io_capability(%d...

Fx.1 by Associate II
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