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ADC pin current requirements?

I'm designing a guitar pedal using my F767ZI Nucleo, and I have an input stage current buffer using a TL072 op amp. I'm using the Nucleo's 3.3v as VCC.I would like to know if I can wire the op amp output pin directly to the ADC pin on the Nucleo, or ...

NNagy.1 by Senior
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BlueNRG-2 application and TouchGFX

Hi all,I am working on custom bord with STM32F746NG with LCD screen and a bluetooth mesh module.I would like to use TouchGFX and I recently discovered X-CUBE-BLE2 with BlueNRG-M2. However, in STM32CubeMx I saw it's not possible to have TouchGFX Gener...

TGate.1 by Associate II
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Could you advise us whether CMOS camera has electrical saturation in switched off mode due to flashlight exposure right before dim fluorescence signal acquisition?

I am a researcher from Macquarie University. We're interested in using your CMOS cameras in-built in a smartphone for research and business purposes. We're trying to detect fluorescent signal in millisecond time frame right after a flashlight.Looking...

NLipe.1 by Associate
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migration from MX25L512G to MT25QL256ABA8ESF

I used disco board stm32f769i in external flash application and it works well then I used the same microcontroller type with another external flash module  MT25QL256 and the written data is corrupted .I think it is configuration problem so what the p...

GMoha.1 by Associate II
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