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STPMC1 update rate/possibble AFE's

Hello everybody. Currently I'm researching different power metering solutions. STPMC1 is a possible contender for my application, but I wasn't able to find some specific information in the datasheet.These are some things I'm unable to find:1) How oft...

Get Full HD via USB High Speed

Hello.I want to get video data from USB High Speed and send to DSI interface. Video Resolution is 1920x1080, 30 fps, colors depth 8 bits. Is it possible to make this decision? If yes, what MCU you recommend me?  

Fiord by Associate
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L9369 getting voltage from SH1, SH2

Hello. ST team.i'm using L9369's voltage measurement function.i read L9369 manual, and i send below SPI commands(no.0~6) for initial driving.(my purpose is to drive FET : HS1 A, B ON / LS2 A,B ON)00xb5019ff810xb5a15fef20xb720b54d30xb480aa9840x40a0000...

ldong.1 by Associate III
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spirit1 instruction

"Using SPIRIT1 to transmit packets. I need an empty command (like NOP). Will it be generated automatically, or do I need to add it manually? I didn't find any relevant explanation in Datasheet. Also, can FEC be manually disabled?"

hsu77777 by Associate
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