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Hi ST I am trying to working on gpio interrupt on my BlueNRG-1 and am using the Dio 13 which is meant for and also know was INT1 pin I see that the interrupt is being triggering only on the rising edge but not the falling edge can u please help

Also I am trying to use dio9 which has internal pull up ..for triggering the interrupt it seems to not detect both rising and falling edge in this case Can u please help ​

Anikh.1 by Associate
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Missing IRQ (follow up)

Dear communityWith interest I read the following thread on the topic: probably have a similar issue. My application seems to "lose" RX data sporadically. There may be a relati...

BlueNRG-1: MCU and bluetooth peripheral

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 16:44Hello,Pretty new to this tiny jewel, I have trouble understanding how everything is architectured.When reading the ``datasheet'' (DocID028866 Rev 3), it seems [see fig.1] that the Cortex-M0 core is connected through a...