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Have you seen the source code to the MFX?

Hi All,Some of the grander Evaluation/Discovery boards use an STM32L152 as a slave Multi Function eXpander with an I2C interface. It's pre-programmed with firmware that provides access to some of the peripherals on the board.As it happens, I'm about ...

DOsbo by Senior
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Adding wifi to STM32

Hi everybody,I am working on a project based on the Nucleo-L152RE.I collect large amounts of data from several sensors (high sample rate) and store the data in a micro sd card. When measure is over I would like to send the raw data to a phone using W...

JMart.5 by Associate II
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Why the SPIRIT1 (SPSGRF 868 module) enters in MC_STATUS ERROR when I send to it via SPI the command to enter in LOCK status during the "WMBus_PhyInit(MODE, TYPE)" undebuggable initialization function?

Hello,I'm working with a custom board mounting the SPSGRF-868 RF 868MHz module, which embeds the SPIRIT1 transceiver.I communicate with it via SPI, using a microcontroller STM32L151.My board is based on the STEVAL-IDS001V4M evaluation board architect...

mikmary by Associate II
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