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Bluenrg-m2 SPI interface with stm32f103

#BlueNRG​  #STM32WB​ #BLE​ #[BLE Mesh]​ #[STM32 MCUs]​ #STM32F1​ I'm interfacing bluenrg-2m When I reset the reset pin, the bluenrg-2m set the boot pin to high, and this correspond to the external interrupt of mcu and this work successfully.The exter...

How does UART work without the HAL layer ? Does the shift register clear itself once it has transmitted its data ? And what's the timing I need to have ?

Some context, I'm using a RS485 data line in half-duplex mode to communicate between an STM32F107 (the master card here) and an STM32F072 (the slave card). My end goal is to be able to use the bootloader on the slave card and reprogram it from the ma...

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Problem with adding library to keil program

Hello to everyoneI want to print "Hello World" to the screen using the stm32f103ve card.and when it comes to the "HAL driver" section and adds the libraries to the project, it gives an error.the error is as follows: ..\..\main.c(3): error: #5: cannot...

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