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How to emulate BlueNRG-2n with BlueNRG-2

Hi,We have a custom board with BlueNRG-2 and wants it to act as a co-processor so it can be controlled through SPI from another MCU (STM32L4R9).The BlueNRG-2 has been flashed with STSW-BNRG2N-V320 firmware through the bootloader interface.DIO0 SCKDIO...

CBras by Associate
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Skipped codes in BlueNRG-LP ADC

Hi,I'm seeing some very strange behavior on the ADC of the BlueNRG-LP. It looks like the ADC is skipping codes near the inversion point of a differential input, with similar behavior in single ended mode near 0.9V (with a 1.2V reference). This is on ...

0693W00000Sw21iQAB.png 0693W00000Sw2hUQAR.png
JWhong by Associate
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ADC pin current requirements?

I'm designing a guitar pedal using my F767ZI Nucleo, and I have an input stage current buffer using a TL072 op amp. I'm using the Nucleo's 3.3v as VCC.I would like to know if I can wire the op amp output pin directly to the ADC pin on the Nucleo, or ...

NNagy.1 by Senior
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