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Hi I am implementing a nrf24l01 driver with the use of stm32F4 the SPI transmit and receive works with the polling method yet not with DMA method.I already configured the DMA on cube mx and IAR WORKBENCH this is the code part i put the dma as cmnt

//3. Read single byte from a registeruint8_t NRF24_read_register(uint8_t reg){   uint8_t spiBuf[3];   uint8_t retData;   //Put CSN low   NRF24_csn(0);   //Transmit register address   spiBuf[0] = reg&0x1F;   HAL_SPI_Transmit(&nrf24_hspi, spiBuf, 1, 10...

atoua.1 by Associate
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Hello every one, I'm using BlueNRG-m2 to communicate over ble, I make an interface with blueNRG over spi from stm32f446 mcu, my problem is that the ble linked list used in ble stack seems like it doesn't initialized correctly.

when I try to read software version (before gap or gatt initalization) using aci_hal_get_firmware_details(), it ends up to this and always fail to get the data correctly


Resolved! CAN Transmit Loopback Mode

Hello all,I would like to put the CAN2 interface into operation on a NUCLEO STM32F466RE board. For this purpose I have programmed an example in which a BYTE array HELLO is to be sent in the loopback.If I now pass the TxHeader Struct to the HAL_CAN_Ad...

MZimm.3 by Associate II
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product request: STULPI01 LQFP package?

hi various SOCs in STM32 family e.g. stm32f407ve, and many in the F7, H7 series features a "USB 2.0 high-speed/full-speed device/host/OTG controller with dedicated DMA, on-chip full-speed PHY and ULPI"But your STULPI01 is a μTFBGA36 package. https://...

andrewg by Associate III
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stack over ST7580 PLC modem

At the moment with the X-NUCLEO-PLM01A1 + Nucleo-F401RE boards is supplied a firmware stack with only PHY and DATA link.What full stack do you suggest to use with ST7580?An old job of Nunzio Dipaola (Application Note AN4411) build a 802.15.4 stack ov...

marco2 by Associate III
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