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The right MCU for ILI9341 driver.

Hello everyone,Please I'm designing a new product and I choosed to use the driver ILI9341 for a 2.8" screen.Now I would like to know if there are some minimal performance of the MCU because I wanted to use the STM32F030C6T6TR. Will it work correctly ...

lonkenzo by Associate II
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Resolved! Sometimes I'm reading strange values for RMS voltage and current on my STPM32, but I do not know why. Is there something very special to concider?

Hello,I'm using a STPM32 to measure the ac line voltage and current. It is connected via a galvanic isolator ISO7341CDW to a STM32F072 with SPI. Most of the time, this works just fine. I can read the correct RMS values for I1 and V1 (Register DSP_REG...

How does UART work without the HAL layer ? Does the shift register clear itself once it has transmitted its data ? And what's the timing I need to have ?

Some context, I'm using a RS485 data line in half-duplex mode to communicate between an STM32F107 (the master card here) and an STM32F072 (the slave card). My end goal is to be able to use the bootloader on the slave card and reprogram it from the ma...

DTr.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Control AMIS-30543 with STM32F030R8

I'm setting up a MCU to control a stepper motor. I'm aiming to control the stepper motor driver (AMIS-30543) over SPI. My current goal is to get the driver to respond to my SPI commands so I know it's correctly receiving my commands. The driver respo...

SNeub.1 by Associate
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interfacing uSD reader with STM32F0

Posted on May 31, 2016 at 00:55Hello guys, i'm new in programming stm32f0. I have stm32f091rc and i want to interface uSD using SPI peripheral. first i used stm32cubemx to select the SPI1 peripheral and configured the clock. then i exported the gene...