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Resolved! Heart beat signal.

Hi, MURALI SELVAM from India. I using "STM32H743VIT6" I want know heart beat signal hardware configuration, in the project I using three MCU for safety purpose, in case 1st MCU will get failure, 2nd one is take control, 2nd one will get  failure, 3rd...

murali by Associate III
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How to activate an e-SIM on SIM7600

Hi, I am using a SIM7600 and a SIM card to get cellular connectivity. Now I would want to use an e-SIM instead of the SIM card holder. However I cant find information regarding if ST Electronics e-SIMs could use any cellular network provider or if it...

MCrespo by Associate
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ST4SI2M0020TPIFW Truphone

The ST4SIM-200M model chip already has the Truphone operator pre-installed as I found out. So is the chip blocked for only one operator? Is it possible to upload an eSIM to the chip using the Android interface and the provided QR code from operators ...

Luk1 by Associate
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spirit1 instruction

"Using SPIRIT1 to transmit packets. I need an empty command (like NOP). Will it be generated automatically, or do I need to add it manually? I didn't find any relevant explanation in Datasheet. Also, can FEC be manually disabled?"

hsu77777 by Associate
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