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Simulator is not able to compile even after regenerating from the cubemx interface and then generating with the touchgfx designer.

       Compiling simulator/main.cpp       Linking build/bin/simulator.exe       ../Middlewares/ST/touchgfx/lib/win/mingw32/libtouchgfx.a(PainterRGB565Bitmap.o):(.text+0x307): undefined reference to `touchgfx::paint::rgb565::lineFromRGB565(unsigned sh...

rohan_m by Senior
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SimSun-ExtB Issues

Hi I'm using touchGfx 4.16 to develop myGUI and I need to use chinese character in my project. I have create a newtypography using SimSun-ExtB font. But when I use a chinese characters in myresourses and I generate the code I see the following error:...

tetè by Associate
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Resolved! SPI Display Max resolution

Hi,I was looking at the display interface overview and saw that the max resolution for an SPI connection seems to be 480*272.'m curr...

DOkaz.1 by Associate II
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BlueNRG-2 application and TouchGFX

Hi all,I am working on custom bord with STM32F746NG with LCD screen and a bluetooth mesh module.I would like to use TouchGFX and I recently discovered X-CUBE-BLE2 with BlueNRG-M2. However, in STM32CubeMx I saw it's not possible to have TouchGFX Gener...

TGate.1 by Associate II
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Touchgfx can't detect any touch

Hello,I started the development of a touchgfx application from a F4 evaluation board but I'm using a different display (720x720) and a different touch controller.The video output looks good, the interactions that doesn't involve any touch action work...

DVale by Associate II
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