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blueNRG uart ble Emulation UUID

I want to use a blueNRG to avoid the cost of bluetooth SIG registration, because I would be able to cover the cost with my product. In addition I want to use ​similar to nordic semiconductor a uart ble emulation as service (https://infocenter.nordic...

YGail.2 by Associate III
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BlueNRG-232N UART Interface

We have connected the BlueNRG-232N to a host processor using the UART.The BlueNRG-232N should function only as a BLE interface, as a way for the host processor to communicate with a smart phone.But I'm stuck on how to do this, do I need to load the B...

JJust.2 by Associate
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Sending TXT files through uart

Hi,I'm trying to know how can I send a txt file through UART protocol to a Bluetooth module so I can transfer data wirelessly to a pc.I could read line by line sending it continuously, but I wanted to know if I could send it as a file that I could th...

jreis.1 by Associate II
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