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IM69D130 interface of with STM32WB55RG.

Hi STMicrocontroller developer community,I am currently working on a project that involves interfacing of infineon IM69D130 digital MEMS microphone with STM32WB55G microcontroller. However, I am facing challenges in setting up the communication betwe...

Resolved! Heart beat signal.

Hi, MURALI SELVAM from India. I using "STM32H743VIT6" I want know heart beat signal hardware configuration, in the project I using three MCU for safety purpose, in case 1st MCU will get failure, 2nd one is take control, 2nd one will get  failure, 3rd...

murali by Associate III
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Resolved! Problem with reading MPU-6500 by STM32

Hi!I have a problem with reading data from MPU-6500 gyroscope/accelerometer (Arduino-module GY-6500/GY-9250). I am using the I2C protocol. When reading the WHO_AM_I_REG register ( with address = 0x75 ) I always get the number 0x70, although all publi...


I am interested in activating your sensors, STEVAL-IDP003V1, using a different IO-Link master instead of the ST master board. I have two questions: I am interested in activating your sensors, STEVAL-IDP003V1, using a different IO-Link master (Balluff...

TheWho24 by Associate
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Hi,I have a STEVAL-IOD002V1 iolink board and Nucleo-F429ZI dev board and I'm running into a few problems. If anyone is familiar with IOD002V1 I'd appreciate their help.1. The available documentation references support for NUCLEO-L073RZ and NUCLEO-G07...

caappl by Associate
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Camera controller

Hey team,I wanted to check if there is any bridge IC  that can convert parallel camera interface data to USB 3?And/orDo we have anything that can convert MIPI CSI-2 to USB 3? - again for a camera IC.Thank you for your help!

Ilker123 by Associate
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