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FreeRTOS support for BlueNRG-2?

I am evaluating Keil MDK5 for programming my BlueNRG-2 device. I have found that I cannot create a project from scratch with any RTOS support because the CMSIS driver seems to be lacking the Device.Startup section. Looking in the SDK examples for the...

BBeau by Associate
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I purchased the STUSB4500QTR and actually operated it. After assembling the electronic board, I dumped the default contents of the register and it became as shown in [1A] below. Next, when I purchased parts from a new lot during mass production and assemb

*********************************************************************************(Contents of register [1A])0xC0: 0x00 0x00 0xB0 0xAA 0x00 0x45 0x00 0x00 0xC8: 0x10 0x40 0x9C 0x1C 0xF0 0x01 0x00 0xDF 0xD0: 0x02 0x40 0x0F 0x00 0x32 0x00 0xFC 0xF1 0xD8...

ODais.1 by Associate
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Hi I am implementing a nrf24l01 driver with the use of stm32F4 the SPI transmit and receive works with the polling method yet not with DMA method.I already configured the DMA on cube mx and IAR WORKBENCH this is the code part i put the dma as cmnt

//3. Read single byte from a registeruint8_t NRF24_read_register(uint8_t reg){   uint8_t spiBuf[3];   uint8_t retData;   //Put CSN low   NRF24_csn(0);   //Transmit register address   spiBuf[0] = reg&0x1F;   HAL_SPI_Transmit(&nrf24_hspi, spiBuf, 1, 10...

atoua.1 by Associate
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Resolved! HAL_transmit in other fils (no main.c)

Hello,I'm trying to send data over uart from a another file.My main :UART_HandleTypeDef huart1; DMA_HandleTypeDef hdma_usart1_tx;   int main(void) { MX_USART1_UART_Init();   While(1) { } }My error is :../Core/Src/AT_Command.c:22:2...

jlecl.1 by Associate III
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Unable to load the firmware

Hi, first of all i'm a noob with bluenrg products,I'm using the STEVAL-IDB008V2 and i'm able to load firmware using the RF-flasher utillity via COM port identified as ST DK just fine, but when i try to load the same firmware using a standard com por...

A.Presm by Associate
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ST8024CDR . Are support smart card ( ISO 7816-3 Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) Digital Controller) reset synchronous and asynchronous

Please help i need to know about. Smart card interface ST8024CDR it can support Smart card ISO7816-3 in reset mode synchronous or not ? Now i using this ic it support only asynchonously asynchonously reset timming diagramsynchonously reset timming d...

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Nunut by Associate
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