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What is the ESD Rating of STKNX IC?

We have used the STKNX IC in our Product as transceiver. In the ESD Test, the IC failed to sustain. The layout and components of the peripheral circuit is as per datasheet and reference from EVALSTKNX Board. Please guide urgently.

SV.11 by Associate II
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Repeat scanning

Hi everyone,I am developing a simple scanner using the BLUENRG-M0 from ST. I have a custom board wtih an MSP430F5255I just want to make multiple scan to discover other device of interest around.I am following the ACI API from ST and my first scan is ...

GBara.3 by Associate II
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Hi,Please help if possible.I have an automotive electronic board which has a BlueNRG-2 device on it and it runs Yocto Linux on its main processor which is connected to the Ble chip via UART interface. I have loaded the the BlueNRG-2 device with DTM f...

RAlma.1 by Associate III
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Hello,I'm using The BlueNRG-M2SP with the x-nucleo-BNRG2A1, and I wan't to send and receive ascii and hex, from the ble to my phone using "UART". I wan't to know if there is an example to use for this situation with or without flashing the BLE, Regards,

I'm using : the X-Nucleo-bnrg2A1A nucleo L476RGand I already tried to Flash my bluetooth with the examples on the firmware ST BLUENRG DK, especially the DTM. And tried the BLE_chat but I can't see the bluetooth in my phone using BLE Scanner.

abach.1 by Associate II
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Bluenrg-m2 SPI interface with stm32f103

#BlueNRG​  #STM32WB​ #BLE​ #[BLE Mesh]​ #[STM32 MCUs]​ #STM32F1​ I'm interfacing bluenrg-2m When I reset the reset pin, the bluenrg-2m set the boot pin to high, and this correspond to the external interrupt of mcu and this work successfully.The exter...