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Hi,I would like to know if L9637 transceiver can be used with LIN protocol.I would also like to know if this transceiver can be used in a system bus where there are many Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and their communication is through of K-line and...

Aarong by Associate
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VD6283TX ALS not working properly

Hi ,I am working on STM32L0 series controller with VD6283TX ALS on I2C interface.Though code is available for the sensor, my requirement is to write own code that will control the sensor. Sometimes it reads the RAW data from sensor and sometimes it ...

BChav.1 by Associate III
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Hi, I am looking for typical application in the datasheet (for example - ST4SI2M0020TPIFW) and and find nothing. Do you have some typical schema? What does the eSim connect to? What else is needed in the way to the processor? Thanks for examples

RomanD by Associate
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STUSB4500L Schematics review + questions

Hello all,I am attaching the schematics for a PD sink system we have designed and built. Our aim is to get this sink system to accept both PD and non PD type C power supplies and transfer their power to the 'FRONT_PWR' path on our schematics.Of cours...

NDvas.3 by Associate III
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Resolved! Where can I download the BlueNRG stack images?

I have been searching through the ST website to try to find the BlueNRG stack image v2.1c (the bluetooth 5.2 compliant version). If I search "stage image" under the "Tools and Software" section, I get results for other versions (such as STSW-BNRG-V63...

BPaik by Senior
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Sending data using BLEUNRG-2

Hello,I program a BLE, I can send and receive data with the ST BLE Toolbox application.I want to use another application that is not programmed by the ST community to communicate with my server, I can receive data from this application but I cannot s...

AMACH.1 by Associate II
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